Next training May 20-21 and 23-24 2019, to become a certified trainer of LEGO®SERIOUSPLAY®

Are you already an experienced Facilitator who wants to take another SteP with your customers! Are you curious about what Harvard and Stanford, big companies as Google and small companies as my own have in common? Are you looking for a International certification? Then do please feel welcome to read more 🙂

All workshops with LEGO®SERIOUSPLAY® are tailorized, which means – the more experienced you already are as a facilitator, the more you will get out of the training

I, Birgitta Olofson, SteP Education, choose Collaboration and support the professional team from Billund, Denmark. This by Arranging the second 4-day Training in Sweden, Lund, in May 20-21 and May 23-24 2019. Jens Rottböll is the Mastertrainer who facilitates the training.

I already myself participated in this training LEGO®SERIOUSPLAY®, a uniqe and worldwide known Facilitation Method. I really do appreciate it as one of the most powerful Facilitation Methods in the world! Working with many of my customers using LEGO®SERIOUSPLAY® has given them and myself challenges and clarity, that has taken each workshop one SteP further!

Want to know more?

Small facts

Dates: May 20-21 and May 23-24 2019
Place: In Lund, South of Sweden, 30 minutes trainride from Copenhagen Airport
Price: Euro 2750, +VAT & including conference cost but not ackomodation

When you have participated, you will be invited to the worldwide (it really is worldwide!) Network of certified Facilitators of LEGOSERIOUSPLAY.